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Tools For The Labyrinth Reader

-- Labyrinth Readers Course

The Classic Bardo Instruction manual with exercises and practices to develop the skills of a reading guide for another in the between-lives state and the Bardo spaces of this life. Course material comes complete with workbook, question and answer material, and background information designed to run a full 12 weeks. The Labyrinth Reader's Course can be used by an individual working alone or in a group situation where 8 to 12 people work through the course together.

This correspondence course is designed to be done either in a group or solo as an individual. The course has been written so that even with a group of 100% newbies, you'll be able to work your way through the course with no little or no trouble. However, if something should come up, we have a core group staff that are available by phone and video classroom to help.

The price of the course material is just $50. This same low price applies for the solo course and the group course. So get a friend a two and share the cost and the experience.

-- Americal Book of The Dead

The American Book of the Dead, written by E.J. Gold in 1971, was the first book of its type, providing an English translation of the teaching set forth in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, and initiating the now widespread movement to ennoble and acknowledge the process of death and dying. Click here for more information.

-- Altar Materials

The connection between reader and voyager is non-physical and requires nothing other than the essential tools which are natural to all beings, attention, presence, and will. That said, our experience as readers is that a properly equipped altar dramatically assists in the process of reading. For your convenience we shall be including links to the more common items necessary for such an altar.