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Notes On Performing a Reading

These notes will give further explanation and hints on how to do a reading.

If you have not as yet read "Six Simple Steps to Doing a Reading" refer to: Six Simple Steps to Doing a Reading.

We are often asked by new readers, "How do I know if I am doing the Readings correctly?"

If you are looking for a yardstick to gauge your Readings, consider the following points. They can be used as milestones to gauge your reading effectiveness.

Do you actually care that the other being hears you?

Drawing on analogies: Is it as if you are delivering instructions on a bad cell phone connection, or over shortwave radio, or that you are at a place where you will only have a short time to deliver a vital instruction in the midst of noise and distraction, i.e., a ticket booth at a train station, or the like?

Do you read with intention?

In this context, intention could be considered a kind of force. Are you pushing the Reading through the ethers toward the Voyager, or are you just letting the words fall from your lips? Reading with intention is taking the emotional connection that you have with the Voyager and strengthening it. Emotion may get your Reading started, but voluntary intention will power it.

Do you enunciate each word?

Each word is a universe. Deliver each word with the understanding that each word is an important contribution to the overall Reading. Delivering "most" of the words is not enough. All of the words individually and collectively are important.

Are you reading at an even, measured pace?

Caring enough to do the Reading without hurrying or slurring the words together is a good start. And delivering the Reading without ......... long ......... drawn .............. out ................ bizarre .......... pauses ...... is good, too.

Do you sit quietly without fidgeting?

There are many aspects of fidgeting that make it a negative in the Reading Space. It is an energy drain. It is a distraction. It is an indication of a lack of attentiveness and focus. We could go on, but you get the idea.

Are your facial muscles relaxed?

Maintaining a relaxed face throughout the Reading is an important tool to keep you on track.

Can you carve out a time slot to do the Readings without hurrying?

It is important to free yourself from the normal demands of the day so that you may deliver the Reading without hurrying to get to the next task.

Do you have a sense of connection with the Voyager?

Simply, do you feel a connection with the individual you are reading for?

May this be used for the benefit of all beings everywhere.