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The verb to die come from the Indo-European base dhue-, which means to pass away, become senseless. Dying is a natural part of living. Dying is the personal experience of the being letting go of its physical body.

Dying can be observed to occur in stages. Take note of these varying stages as they occur.

  1. Earth sinking into water. A deep, incessant sensation of slowly increasing pressure, of being inexorably drawn downward into a pool of mercury or lead, of melting into the earth.
  2. Water sinking into fire. A sensation of clammy coldness as though one had been suddenly immersed in ice water—it begins with uncontrollable shivering gradually merging into unbreathably hot, oppressively still atmosphere.
  3. Fire sinking into air. A sensation of being just on the verge of explosion, giving way to a sensation of total dispersal of self.
  4. Air into Clear Light. A feeling of being utterly at peace, utterly alone, completely outside space and time, free of all necessity; a sudden, powerful and thrilling sense of deep, ironic knowledge sweeps through the self, but this great, profound, sweeping, all-encompassing knowledge doesn't seem to refer to anything in particular.